4 Minimally Invasive Procedures for You This Fall

Throughout our long history at Goals Plastic Surgery we have performed thousands of surgical enhancement procedures, and opened up the market to new demographics, and more people from all over the US! In years past, plastic surgery was something left for only the rich and famous, but at Goals Plastic Surgery we believe everyone should be able to achieve their goals physique, and they don’t need to be the new hot pop singer or reality TV star to do it! With amazing deals and specials of all kinds, we have opened up the surgical enhancement business to entirely new demographics and marketed towards a younger crowd than anyone before us. But of course, regardless of how great the results might be, or how accessible we are, not everyone is ready to “go under the knife”. And understanding this fact has brought us to introduce Goals Medical Spa to the world! The same great service, and professional doctors you expect to encounter at Goals Plastic Surgery but Goals MedSpa offers the highest quality, minimally-invasive procedures. So you can look your best without having to make the commitment to having surgery. With that said, from your friends at Goals Plastic Surgery, here are the 4 best minimally-invasive procedures for you to get this upcoming fall!

· CoolSculpting

At Goals Plastic Surgery we do our best to make every surgical procedure as easy as possible on you and your body, but don’t let anybody fool you, getting any type of fat loss/contouring procedure like liposuction is a commitment, that you absolutely must be ready for! So until you’re ready for something a bit more invasive, give Coolscultping a try. Coolsculpting is a body contouring procedure that uses cool air energy known as pyrolysis to deliver a controlled cooling energy to your desired treatment area. The cool energy then eliminates fat cells using a naturally occurring process within the body. The procedure requires little to no downtime, and patients can return to their normal activities within a matter of hours. You should start to see a thinner, better-contoured body within a few weeks time.

· Botox & Dermal Fillers

Maybe that facelift isn’t for you, or just simply out of your price range? At Goals Plastic Surgery we have always offered the best names in the injectable dermal filler market. From Restylane, and Juvéderm, to Belotero, dermal fillers will let you fill in those wrinkles, and laugh lines and improve the look of those lips. Also, Botox, one of the biggest names in aesthetics for years – lets you reduce the impression of those laugh or expression lines, in a procedure that takes less than a few minutes to complete!

· Microdermabrasion

At Goals Plastic Surgery or Goals MedSpa, it doesn’t matter, microdermabrasion is by far one of our favorite and most popular minimally-invasive procedures. Microdermabrasion is a form of manual exfoliation in which patients can fully restore and rejuvenate their face without any surgery whatsoever! It works by gently removing the outer layer of dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and debris, and stimulating the growth of new skin cells beneath. Microdermabrasion also produces new collagen and elastin, so your skin will be soft, supple, clear skin with a restored youthful glow!

· Laser Treatments

Doesn’t matter if you’re interested in laser hair removal or laser skin resurfacing for those facial blemishes, at Goals Plastic Surgery we offer the best laser treatments around today. Laser hair removal allows you to have the smooth soft, hair-free skin you’ve always wanted without having to constantly wax or shave every other week. And laser skin treatments allow you to have smooth, blemish-free skin from the inside out. If you’ve got scars, raised bumps or discolorations, let us know and our laser treatments will help you get rid of any unwanted issues!

Whether you’re looking for surgical enhancement or non-invasive medical spa care, the team at Goals Plastic Surgery is at your service! Contact us today for more information or to book your consultation.

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